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Camp of 5KM Municipal Highway Project in Nigeria's Lokja City was honored as "2023 Outstanding Overseas Engineering Camp"


Recently, the results of "Overseas Project Camp Showcase" organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Contracted Projects Abroad (CCCPA) have been released. The camp of 5KM of Municipal Highway in Lokja City, Kogi State, Nigeria, belonging to TRANSTECH Engineering Corp., which is a subsidiary of China Railway International Group, has been awarded as "2023 Excellent Overseas Project Camp".

Located in the capital of Kogi State, Nigeria, the camp of 5KM Municipal Highway in Lokja City, Nigeria was completed and put into use in 2012. The camp covers an area of about 30,000 square meters and is under closed management. The camp has 2 guard houses, 1 office building (including staff accommodation), 1 basketball court, 2 warehouses, 1 laboratory, 1 oil depot, 1 parking lot for machinery and equipment, and 1 maintenance workshop. The excellent campsite construction and comprehensive services provide a strong guarantee for the development of production、operation and team building of the enterprise"s territories.