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Bolivian President Luis Arce attends Completion and Opening Ceremony of Espino Highway Project


On September 21, La Paz time, the completion and opening ceremony was held for the Espino Highway Project in Bolivia, which was constructed by China Railway. Bolivian President Luis Arce attended the ceremony and made a speech.

Luis Arce said, "The Espino highway project will accelerate the connectivity of the eastern region of Bolivia. We are grateful for the support of the Chinese government. Chinese companies have used their intelligence and technology to complete a high quality road.

The Espino Highway is a core component of the Bolivian Highway 36 network, connecting the main international transportation routes in South America, and it is one of the most important projects for all sectors of Bolivian society. The President of Bolivia once referred to the project as "an important project to improve people"s living standards".

The completion and commissioning of the Espino project will improve the layout of Bolivia"s national highways, and will strongly promote the development of agricultural, pastoral, industrial and tourism resources along the routes, as well as the economic and social development of the local community.